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Standard First Aid Online

Standard First Aid Online

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Standard First Aid Online

Standard First Aid Online allows you to learn first aid at your own pace and time! This course aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills to apply First Aid to Adult casualty and to use the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) safety before medical help arrives.

✔️ CPR+AED Module is included in this Course.


Learning Objectives: 

  1. State the definition of First Aid
  2. Identify the guiding principle of First Aid
  3. Identify the contents of the First Aid Kit
  4. State the importance of Universal Precautions
  5. Recognize a medical emergency from a non-medical emergency.
  6. Activate the appropriate emergency response system.
  7. List the signs and symptoms of the common types of medical emergencies.
  8. Identity the necessary and appropriate first aid treatment to a casualty based on their injuries.
  9. Identify the first aid treatment for Foreign Body Airway Obstruction.
  10. Learn Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Automated and External Defibrillator

The course is designed in accordance with the Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council‘s latest guidelines.

Blended Learning Option:

If you require the full Standard First Aid Certificate accredited SRFAC, you may wish to consider the blended learning option below where you are required to attend a 1-day face-to-face session at our premises. This 1-day session will cover 1) hands-on practice, 2) theory assessment* and 3) practical assessment.
*The theory assessment must still be done during the 1-day session under the invigilation of the assessor to ensure that the participant is competent in his/her understanding of the course.

Standard First Aid Course Certification is a requirement for all Singapore Sports Coaches to attain or renew their coaching license under the Singapore Sports.


Delivery DurationCourse Fees per participant
Online CourseAt your own time and own pace$69 (bGST) or $73.83 (wGST)
Practical Session and Theory and Practical Assessment1-day at our Premises $100 (bGST) or $107 (wGST)
Total Cost:$169 (bGST) or $180.83 (wGST)


If you prefer the 2-days course, please click on this link.

Differences between Basic First Aid and Standard First Aid Course

 Standard First AidBasic First Aid
Essential of First Aid
Respiratory Problems
Shock, Bleeding and Wounds
Transportation of Casualty
Unconscious Casualty (Non-Cardiac Arrest)
Musculosketal Injuries
Burn Injuries
Occupational Eye Injuries
Other First Aid Knowledge
Jaw Fracture
Skull Fracture
Spinal Injuries


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