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A Guide to First Aid Courses in Singapore

First Aid Courses in Singapore Guide is brought to you by the Singapore Emergency Responder Academy (SERA) (www.sera.sg).

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. As we spend approximately 40 hours a week at work, there is a high possibility that we may be confronted with a medical emergency at our workplace. If your colleague clutches his chest and collapses or if a worker falls off a ladder, do you know what to do?

According to the Ministry of Manpower, from 2017 to 2018, workplace injuries in 2018 increased by 2.5%, bringing the total to 12,810 reported cases last year. This highlights the importance of having certified first aiders in the workplace who are able to render assistance before Emergency Medical Services arrive.

Furthermore, as part of Singapore’s push to ensure that all workplaces are staffed with certified first aiders, provisions have been made in the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act on the number of first aiders required.

Confused about which course to register your staff for? We have compiled this guide about first aid courses in Singapore for your quick and easy reference.

Workplace Safety and Health Act
Introduced in 2006, the Workplace Safety and Health Act (WSH) replaced the Factories Act, and applies to workplaces. According to the WSH Act, the definition of a workplace is as follows:

5.—(1) In this Act, “workplace” means any premises where a person is at work or is to work, for the time being works, or customarily works, and includes a factory.

For workplaces that fall under WSH’s definition of a workplace, it is mandatory to have certified first aiders.

Where more than 25 persons are employed in a workplace, there shall be appointed in the workplace as first-aiders who shall be readily available during working hours such number of persons as complies with the ratio of one first-aider for every 100 persons employed in the workplace or part thereof.

Occupational First Aid
According to Ministry of Manpower (MOM), to be appointed as a first aider, the individual must attend the Occupational First Aid course that is offered by an approved training provider and approved by MOM. This 3-day course covers first aid management for common medical emergencies such as occupational eye injuries, wounds, burns, fractures, heart attack, how to use the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and many more.

Upon successful completion of the theory and practical assessments, the individual will be an accredited Occupational First Aid provider. The issued certificate is valid for 2 years. First aiders are required to renew their certificates before the certificate expires and can do so by attending the 2-day Occupational First Aid Refresher course.

Did you know? SERA regularly conducts at least 4 Occupational First Aid Full/Refresher courses a month at our headquarters, which is conveniently located behind Centrepoint at Somerset. The courses are available in both English and Mandarin, and is conducted either in the day or evening. Furthermore, this course is eligible for SSG funding. For companies registering their staff who are Singaporeans or Permanent Residents above the age of 21, they can receive between 80-95% of funding for the course fees and absentee payroll for the duration that the employees attend the course.

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Fire Safety Act
In addition to the WSH Act, the Fire Safety Act covers other workplaces such as offices. This Act requires companies to form a Company Emergency Response Team (CERT).

As part of CERT requirements, there must be a minimum of 4 trained first aiders in a CERT. The course should cover basic first aid, as well as CPR & AED. Participants can attend the 1-day CERT First Aid course at any training centre that is accredited by the Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council. It is important to note that the CERT First Aid training must include the Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)+ Automated External Defi course.

Did you know? SERA is a first aid training academy accredited by the Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council (SRFAC). Established in 2012, we have more than 6 years of experience conducting first aid and life support courses for corporate clients and members of the public. Our clients include People’s Association, Singapore Power and the National Library Board. SERA conducts at least 4 CERT/Basic First Aid (with CPR+AED) courses a month in both English and Mandarin. For companies registering their staff who are Singaporeans or Permanent Residents above the age of 21, they can receive a funding amount of at least $14 per person.

Psychological First Aid Course
As mental issues are often invisible, its importance is sometimes underestimated. When individuals are distressed, they first seek support from family members, friends, or close colleagues. If your colleague shares about his crisis at home with you, do you know how to respond empathetically to help him feel supported?

Suicide rates in Singapore rose 10% from 2018, with most aged 10 to 29. According to Aon’s APAC Benefits Strategy Study 2017, 72% of employers view mental issues as a concern, yet only 1 in 2 have emotional and psychological wellness programmes for their staff. These alarming statistics highlight the dire need for staff and workers to be trained in Psychological First Aid, where they will learn how to support individuals going through crises.

Did you know? SERA conducts 1-day Psychological First Aid and 2-day Psychological First Aid courses. These courses developed are in line with World Health Organisation‘s guidelines for field workers. Furthermore, these courses also include learning practical skills such as active listening and non-verbal communication skills. SERA has conducted this unique course for management leaders in hospitals, civil servants in government agencies, and peer supporters in schools.

SERA’s Psychological First Aid Course is accredited by ACC Institute of Human Services (ACCIHS) (www.acc.edu.sg). Established in 2003, ACCIHS provides Specialist and Advanced Diplomas in Counselling Psychology, Applied Psychology, and Special Needs Education. Over the years, ACCIHS has conducted over 500 course intakes and equipped thousands of Singaporeans in counselling skills and knowledge.

Learn Occupational / CERT First Aid and Psychological First Aid skills with SERA! You can save lives!

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First Aid Courses in Singapore Guide is brought to you by the Singapore Emergency Responder Academy (SERA) (www.sera.sg).