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How To Help Someone Who Is Choking

How to help someone who is choking

Adult Choking Guidelines When encountering adult casualty who is choking, knowing what to do in that split seconds can help to save his lives! When someone is choking, they experience either complete airway obstruction or incomplete airway obstruction. Coughing is the…

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NParks sets up first-aid room on Pulau Ubin

SINGAPORE — With cycling accidents on Pulau Ubin showing no signs of a let-up, the authorities have set up a first-aid facility on the island, heeding public calls in recent years for a formal space to attend to the injured.…

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When Palpitations Lead To Cardiac Arrest

When palpitations lead to cardiac arrest

Fluttering of your heart is not always the sign of love, nor is skipping of a beat. The fluttering could be a sign that you need to pay attention to your heart. So what if your health parameters are more or less fine,…

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