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New Child First Aid Syllabus

New Child First Aid Syllabus

On 10 Feb 2020, Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council released a new Child First Aid syllabus for the course. This new syllabus will replace the 2018 syllabus by National First Aid Council.

New Child First Aid Course Syllabus

New Child First Aid Course Syllabus 2020

The following is a summary of the changes in the syllabus:

  1. The minimum Full Course Duration is 20 hours or 2.5 days whereas the minimum Refresher Course Duration is 16 hours or 2 days
  2. The course will consist of Standard First Aid, Child First Aid and Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) + Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Modules

Lesson Plan for Child First Aid Full and Refresher Course

 Day 1 AM
Day 1 PM
Day 2 AM
Day 2 PM
Day 3 AM
Child First Aid Full CourseStandard First Aid Syllabus Standard First Aid Syllabus BCLS+AED ModuleChild First Aid Syllabus Theory and Practical Assessment
Child First Aid Refresher CourseStandard First Aid Syllabus Child First Aid Syllabus BCLS+AED ModuleTheory and Practical Assessment

Assessment Criteria for the Course

Practical Component
  1. BCLS+AED Modules
  2. Bandaging Techniques (1 Wound and 1 Fracture)
  3. Application of Tourniquet
  4. Administration of Adrenaline Auto-Injector and MDI with Spacer and Facemask
Theory Component
  1. 20 Questions on Standard First Aid
  2. 20 Questions on BCLS+AED
  3. 10 Questions on Child First Aid

Outcome of the Course

Upon completion of Child First Aid Course, participant will be issued with 3 in 1 certificates:

  1. Child First Aid Provider certificate
  2. BCLS+AED Provider certificate
  3. Standard First Aid Provider certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go for the new Child First Aid Refresher Course with my current Child First Aid provider certificate?

  • Yes, however, we would recommend participant to take the Full Course under the new syllabus as you may not be familiar with Standard First Aid Syllabus.

Does this new syllabus applies to all Training Center in Singapore?

  • Yes, all accredited Child First Aid Training Center are required to abide by Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council’s guidelines and syllabus

How do I know if the Training Center is accredited to teach Child First Aid Course?

If you require more information, kindly drop us an email at courses@sera.sg SERA is able to provide quality training at your Child Care Center as well. Write to us to arrange one today!

We look forward to welcoming you for our new Child First Aid Training!