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Standard First Aid E-Guide Book

Singapore Standard First Aid Learner’s E-Guidebook

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Learn Standard First Aid and CPR/AED through our Standard First Aid + AED Learner’s E-Guidebook!



Singapore Standard First Aid E-Guidebook

You can learn First Aid skills using the Singapore Standard First Aid E-Guidebook, developed by the Singapore Emergency Responder Academy! Furthermore, this copy is developed in accordance with the latest guidelines published in 2018 by the Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council.

In this E-Guidebook, there will be:

  • Detailed and clear explanations of various common medical emergencies, and
  • Embedded training videos that demonstrate the first aid skills, produced by our in-house team of dedicated trainers.

Upon purchase of this copy, you will receive the download link through your email.

Write in to courses@sera.sg if you have any questions about our E-Guidebook or our First Aid course.

Kindly note that you will receive a free copy when you register for our upcoming Standard First Aid course!

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