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Go Green

SERA goes Green

SERA goes Green! 

In line with Singapore’s effort to go Green and cut down on the high usage of plastics and papers, SERA will be implementing the following changes.

1. E-Training Manual

From 1st July 2019, SERA will be using E-Training Manual instead of our hardcopy Training Manual.

According to Reuters, “The tip on Semakau island was supposed to meet Singapore’s dumping needs until as late as 2045, according to environment ministry documents. But with the use of disposable products growing at a rapid rate, the ministry’s most recent estimates show that Semakau could be full a decade earlier.

Plastics was the largest category of waste disposed of in Singapore last year – 763,400 tonnes – according to data from the National Environment Agency (NEA). Only 6% of the 815,200 of plastic waste generated was recycled.”

By using the E-Training Manual, you will help to reduce the usage of the plastic covers and plastic ring binders significantly!

2. E-Certificate

Each month, SERA produces many plastic card certificates after every course for all our participants.

However, this certificate goes to waste every 2 years once the certification period is over or when the learner loses the card. Therefore, from July 2019, SERA will switch from plastic certificates to E-Certificates to reduce the plastic waste.

Learners will also be able to store their E-Certificates online and keep track of the certificate’s expiry date!

Together we can create a better world for the next generation!