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About Standard First Aid Refresher Course

Standard First Aid + AED Refresher Course is a prerequisite for all sports coaches in Singapore to participate to renew their coaching license under Singapore Sports. The course aims to equip you with knowledge and skills to provide first aid treatment and use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) safety and effectively.

Provider certificates are eligible for renewal/refresher course, 3 months before or 3 months after the stated expiry date.

✔️ CPR+AED Module is included in this Course.

📅 Our training is available on weekdays and weekends. Kindly click on the button below to register.

📍 Training Location: 51 Cuppage Road, #03-03, behind Centrepoint, Somerset
🕐 Course Duration: 1.5-Day [15.5 hours] / Blended Learning: Online Learning+Onsite Practical & Assessment
🧮 Course Fee: $180.83 (incl of GST)
👨🏻‍🏫 SSG/Skillsfuture Course Code: CRS-N-0045659
🏅Course Accreditation Recognised by National Registry of Coaches (Sports SG)

Standard First Aid Course

1.5 days Standard First Aid Refresher Course

More Info on SSG Funding:

*SSG (Formely known as WDA) Training Grant and Absentee Payroll available for Company Sponsored Participant (PR & Singaporean above 21 years old). SSG Training Grant is available for self sponsored participant as well. For Singaporean aged 25 years old and above, you can also use your Skillsfuture credits for this course. 

Course Information

1) Coaches, Instructors and Trainers

As part of SERA’s continuous support toward Singapore sports scene, SERA offers a 10% discount for all NROC Coaches

2) MOE School Teachers

3) Individual interested to become Standard First Aid Instructor

The Standard First Aid Certification is one of the requirements for Individual to teach Standard First Aid

4) Appointed First Aiders

Where more than 25 persons are employed in a workplace, there shall be appointed in the workplace as first-aiders who shall be readily available during working hours such number of persons as complies with the ratio of one first-aider for every 100 persons employed in the workplace or part thereof (Workplace Safety and Health (First-Aid) Regulations).

5) Individual keen on learning advance first aid skills and knowledge

Course Objectives

At the end of the course the trainees will be able to:

  • Identify the underlying causes of different types of injuries
  • Administer basic immediate first aid without any medical help
  • Perform adult CPR and use the AED
  • Learn foreign body airway obstruction (i.e. choking) management for a conscious or unconscious adult

Course Content

The training syllabus and assessment guidelines meet the minimum standard set by Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council.

Chapter 1: Essentials of First Aid

  • Definition and Aims of First Aid
  • Roles / Limitations of a First Aider
  • Universal Precautions
  • First Aid Kit Contents and Maintenance
  • Primary Survey
  • Secondary Survey
  • Introduction to SCDF MyResponder App

Chapter 2: Unconscious Casualty [Non-Cardiac Arrest]

  • Head and Spinal Injuries
  • Heat Disorders
  • Fits
  • Fainting
  • Low Blood Sugar
  • Stroke
  • Recovery Position

Chapter 3: Respiratory Problems

  • Adult Foreign Body Airway Obstruction
  • Fumes Inhalation
  • Hyperventilation
  • Asthma Attack
  • Allergic Reaction

Chapter 4: Shock, Bleeding and Wounds

  • Shock
  • Bleeding
  • Wounds
  • Bruises
  • Laceration
  • Incision
  • Abrasion
  • Amputation
  • Bites and Stings

Bandaging Techniques

  • Scalp
  • Eyelid
  • Arms / Legs
  • Torso

Chapter 5: Musculoskeletal Injuries

  • Fracture and Dislocation
  • Fractured Skull, Dislocated Jaw, Collar Bone, Dislocated Shoulder, Rib. Arms and Legs

Chapter 6: Burn Injuries

  • Burns Depth and Severity of Burns
  • Classification and Treatment of Burns

Chapter 7: Other First Aid Knowledge

  • Eye Injuries
  • Transportation of Casualty

Chapter 8: CPR+AED Module

Course Assessment

Theory Assessment: 80% score requirement (Multiple Choice Questions, 2 attempts allowed)
Practical Assessment: 100% score requirement (3 attempts allowed)

  • Trainees who fail in any practical assessment will have to retake theory and practical assessments
  • Trainees who fail on the 3rd attempt of the practical assessment will retake the entire course

Theory assessment

Participants will have to complete 30 Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) test and need to score at least 80% (24/30) to successfully pass the course. if a participant fails the theory assessment, the participant will be given 1 more attempt at the theory assessment.

Practical assessment

Participants will need to demostrate that they are Competent in the skills of performing Improvised Tourniquet, Relief of Foreign Body Airway Obstruction (FBAO) in a Conscious and Unconscious adult, 2 bandaging techniques, application of EpiPen, Inhaler with Spacer and perform QCPR and the usage of an AED safety. If a participant fails the practical assessment, the participant will be given up to 2 more attempts at the practical assessment.

Standard First Aid
Assessment Description Passing Requirements
Theory Test MCQ, 30 questions 80% (At least 24/30)
Bandaging Test 2 Techniques, Pass/Fail Pass
Improvised Tourniquet Perform Improvised Tourniquet, Pass/Fail Pass
Relief of Foreign Body Airway Obstruction (FBAO) Test FBAO in a Conscious and Unconscious Adult, Pass/Fail Pass
Usage of EpiPen and Inhaler with Spacer Test Usage of EpiPen and Inhaler with Spacer Test, Pass/Fail Pass
CPR+AED Test QCPR+AED Practical Test, Pass/Fail Pass

Course Requirements

  • Able to speak, read and understand English effectively
  • No medical heart and lung conditions or any physical disabilities and injuries that will prevent the participant from performing CPR

Course Features

  • Convenient Location – SERA is centrally located at the heart of town, Somerset, 5 minutes walk from the MRT!
  • Classroom-based learning with hands-on practice to reinforce skills performance with feedback from an instructor
  • Course is developed and conducted in accordance with the guidelines set by the Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council (SRFAC)
  • SERA uses Laerdal QCPR Manikins (delivered from the US) that has unique and advanced features to enhance your learning experiences.

15.5 hours (1.5 days from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm on day 1 & 9.30am to 4.30pm on day 2), 15.5 hours (4 days from 6:00pm to 10:00pm)


Self-SponoredFunding AmountBalance Payable inclusive of GST
Course Fee$181.90
SSG Funding (≥ 21 years old)$136
Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy (≥ 40 years old)$153$28.90
WTS Funding$161.50$20.40
  • You can use your SkillsFuture Credit to claim for the remaining of the course fee! For the user guide on how to claim SkillsFuture Credit, please click here.
  • To apply for funding, kindly write to courses@sera.sg

Company-Sponsored (SME)
Funding AmountBalance Payable inclusive of GST
Course Fee$181.90
Coy, SME, Non-WTS, External Course Fees -
90% of course fee up to $25 per training hr + $15 per OJT hr
Absentee Payroll - 80% of hourly basic salary up to $7.50 per training hr"
Coy, SME, WTS, External Course Fees -
95% of course fee up to $26.50 per training hr + $15 per OJT hr
Absentee Payroll - 95% of hourly basic salary"

Company-Sponsored (NON-SME)
Funding AmountBalance Payable inclusive of GST
Course Fee$181.90
Coy, Non-SME, Non-WTS, External Course Fees ( ≥ 21 years old ) -
80% of course fee up to $17 per training hr + $7 per OJT hrAbsentee Payroll -
80% of hourly basic salary up to $4.50 per training hr


Coy, Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy (≥ 40 years old ), External Course Fees -
Coy, Non-SME, WTS, External Course Fees -
95% of course fee up to $26.50 per training hr + $8.50 per OJT hr
Absentee Payroll - 95% of hourly basic salary


  • Note: SSG Funding, >=21 yrs old: Applicable to Singapore Citizen/PR,  Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy, >=40 yrs old: Applicable to Singapore Citizen ONLY
  • Please note that prices are subject to changes.
  • *Grant amount indicated here does not include absentee payroll (AP) funding as this is dependent on the trainee’s hourly basic salary (other than for trainees supported by surrogate Employers, where AP is computed on flat rate independent of salary).
  • Course ID: CRS-N-0045659

SERA’s Standard First Aid+AED Refresher Course has been approved under the Continuing Professional Development Programme, where Workplace Safety and Health Officers will be awarded 16 Safety Development Unit (SDU) points.

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For Self Sponsored Participant:

  • If you are Singaporeans or PR aged 21 years old and above, please fill in the google form to claim SSG Funding after you have submitted the online registration.

What our customers say about our courses

Y. Y. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I’ve attended the First Aid and AED courses at a few providers before and while those were good, what they have at SERA is a whole lot better.

I attended their First Aid and AED refresher course and having attended others before, thought it would be pretty much the standard two day course. At the end of the two days however, I came away from it not only better educated but having really really enjoyed myself!   👍

Mark ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I had been to a few places for OFA course, but they were not well-equipped in managing people relationship. SERA has demonstrated as a leader in people-centric. They value my team, our goal for taking up the course and committed to see us through the course successfully. Kudos to you! SERA is indeed a 5 star rated institution. I will be back for more!!!   👍

Sally N. X. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

We will like to thank SERA for the 3 days of First Aid and AED courses that were attended by our coaches. SERA management have been super helpful with our last minute request and giving us valuable feedback and updates. We are looking forward for more people to be certified and of course for those who have taken the certificates, we look forward to join back the class 2 years later, before the expiring of our existing certificates. 👍